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Cabinet Hardware is the Finishing Touch in a Kitchen

You've chosen a striking gray backsplash and gleaming granite countertops to match pristine white kitchen cabinets.

But there is still one vital design piece missing from your kitchen remodel - the cabinet hardware. It's like jewelry, making a statement that both complements and highlights the overall style.

Handles, Pulls, and Knobs in All Shapes and Styles

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A traditional selection, knobs never go out of style. Using knobs on smaller cabinets is practical, as a pull handle can dominate the cabinet and look out of place.

If you are considering knobs, first, keep function in mind by choosing ones with a comfortable grip. Then choose the correct size knob, proportionate to the size of the cabinet or drawer.

A contrasting color finish works best. For instance, dark knobs are distinctive against white or light paint colors.

Handles or Pulls

From a practical standpoint, handles have more surface area for you to grip, making opening and closing easier, as compared to knobs. Many homeowners opt to match the kitchen appliances. A stainless steel handle finish coordinates well with stainless steel appliances, for example.

But you aren’t limited to stainless steel. And you don't have to match your appliances, the faucet, or the walls. Copper, gold, and bold colors can be stunning as long as they complement the surrounding decor.

Mix knobs and pulls in your kitchen for depth and visual appeal.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends in West Chester

Since whites, neutrals, and grays dominate kitchen color trends, people are moving away from traditional hardware options. They want something bold and unique.

Gold-tone handles and pulls are popular, as is nickel, brass, and chrome. Black is also trending.

But look beyond the finish to the shapes, etched patterns, and style.

Infinite Options to Bring Your Cabinets to Life

The features of drawer and cabinet hardware might seem overwhelming. However, skimming the lists below opens your mind to the possibilities.

Most people want their kitchen to stand out and reflect their personality. Cabinet hardware is the perfect way to accomplish a custom look.

  • Finish
    The most common are combinations of antique, chrome, brass, polished, matte, glass, nickel, copper, unlacquered, pewter, bronze, satin, oil rubbed, crystal, aged, stainless steel, rose, brushed, vintage, or hand-painted.
  • Style
    Some drawer and cabinet knob shapes include disc, square bar, round bar, T-knob, button, and finger pull. Popular styles include art deco, mission, artisan, fleur-de-lis, industrial, steampunk, contemporary, nature, nautical, old world, retro, rustic, traditional, tropical, tuscan, and whimsical.
  • Color
    If you search long enough, you'll find any color knob or pull you can imagine. However, most often you'll come across white, black, gold, silver, and clear crystal.

When selecting pulls and knobs for your kitchen, take the time to research. Prices and availability differ at both online retailers and local home improvement outlets. Visit a virtual showroom such as Amerock or Hickory Hardware to visualize various options.

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