Cabinet Painting Process

20 Step Cabinet Painting Process

At 365 Renovations, we understand that selecting the right painting company can be challenging. To assist you, we have prepared the following outline of the step-by-step cabinet painting process we follow each and every time we paint.

It is our attention to detail and professionalism that will ensure that your job is completed to your satisfaction without the hassles commonly experienced when dealing with an ordinary painting contractor. We look forward to working with you on this project and on all your future painting needs!

Our Comprehensive 20 Step Cabinet Painting Process:

  1. Remove doors and drawer fronts.
  2. Remove hinges and hardware.
  3. Deliver doors and drawers to our shop.
  4. Boxes are left on site to be painted.
  5. Clean with industrial Simple Green Cleaner and Dawn dish soap.
  6. Rinse and let dry.
  7. Scrape any loose finish.
  8. Fill damaged spots or hardware holes not reused.
  9. Clean with Denatured Alcohol.
  10. Scuff sand all items.
  11. Clean with warm water.
  12. Prime with High Performance Vinyl Sealer.
  13. Sand between coats if needed.
  14. Apply first coat of finish.
  15. Sand between coats if needed.
  16. Apply second coat of finish.
  17. Apply Clear Coat.
  18. Install new cabinet hardware.
  19. Install hinges.
  20. Rehang doors and drawers.

As demonstrated by our attention to detail, we understand how important your house is to you! Your satisfaction is so important to us that we don’t consider your cabinet refinishing job complete until you say it is complete.

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