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A new kitchen is easier than you might think.

Tired of Your Outdated Kitchen?

What you have feels boring and sometimes even embarrassing. You don’t have to gut the entire kitchen to get a look you will love. You need someone who can give your kitchen a fast, affordable facelift. A new kitchen is easier than you might think!

How About a Kitchen Makeover?

Let our specialized team bring your kitchen back to life for half the cost of a full remodel.  We will refinish the cabinets, install Granite or Quartz countertops, a beautiful backsplash, new handles and soft close hinges. You will be speechless.

It all starts with our KCMA Certified Cabinet Refinishing Process.

  • Remove doors and drawer fronts.
  • Remove hinges and hardware.
  • Clean with Simple Green and Dawn dish soap
  • Rinse and let dry.
  • Scrape any loose finish.
  • Fill any damaged spots or hardware holes.
  • Scuff sand for adhesion
  • Vacuum off dust.
  • Spray 2 coats solvent based primer.
  • Sand primer smooth.
  • Vacuum off primer dust.
  • Spray 2 finish coats of Solvent or Acrylic Poly Enamel.
  • Sand between finish coats.
  • Glaze if required.
  • Spray clear Conversion Varnish for extra protection.
  • Replace hinges and handles.
  • Clean the entire area upon completion.