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Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas

Refresh Your Brick Home with Exterior Painting

Brick wears through the years and the color fades over time. Here are some exterior brick paint color ideas to give your home a fresh, updated look. Exterior painting also provides a layer of protection against Cincinnati's wet weather seasons.

The Charm of a White Brick House

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If you're painting the brick itself, a soft Snowbound white is a favorite among color design consultants.

Painting your exterior brick white makes the home look larger and more contemporary.

If you're painting to showcase red brick features, then bright whites can appear harsh, and shades with yellow hues wash out the contrast (instead, choose a beige with yellow undertones). We suggest an off-white paint color like Sherwin-Williams' Creamy.

White Limewash Brick

As you consider exterior brick paint color ideas, take a look at our lime paint formula for instant patina. Limewash brick painting creates a whitewashed appearance with an opaque, flat finish.

Unlike thinned paint used in whitewashing (which would make red brick look pink, for example), Classico Limewash's frosted appearance allows the beauty of the brick to show through in its original color (red, brown, or gray) over time.

The limewash slurry bonds to the exterior brick, offering hard-as-rock protection. And unlike latex and oil-based paints, Limewash uses natural binders instead of petroleum products.

This means an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and zero VOC. Also consider lime wash masonry as a color option.

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Did You Know?

Brick is one of the most popular and durable building materials in the Cincinnati area, and has been for centuries. The Betts House, in the Betts-Longworth Historic District, is the oldest brick home in Ohio, dating back to 1806. Located at 416 Clark Street in Cincinnati, you can visit the museum and tour the home.

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Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas in Gorgeous Greige

Pick from warm-toned greiges (where gray meets beige) like Keystone Gray or Gateway Gray (both medium shades).

If you prefer a lighter color, consider Agreeable Gray for the perfect brick complement.

Beautiful Blacks and Blue-Grays

The contrast of black against red brick is stunning. We like Tricorn Black for deep color.

You could also choose a very dark gray like Iron Ore.

If you're looking for a more dynamic dark color, look at this luxurious blackish-navy called Dark Night.

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Not as dark as navy blue, a sturdy gray like Granite Peak looks amazing with red brick. Pair it with an off-white accent like White Duck.

Other Exterior Brick and Paint Color Combinations in the West Chester-Liberty Township Area

Many of the most common Cincinnati home styles use a combination of siding and brick. You often see this combination on Colonial houses, Contemporary houses, Tudor homes, and Victorian homes.

Follow a few basic principles in exterior brick paint color ideas that look great on these home styles. For example, red, brown, and gray brick almost always look great with natural colors like brown and green, regardless of the color shades found in the brick.

Neutrals like white, gray, beige, or greige look wonderful with red brick, brown brick, and gray brick. If your home was built with orange brick or pink brick, you will want a bold contrasting color. For example, certain shades of blue look dramatic and beautiful next to either orange or pink.

Specific Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas

Red Brick

Combine a blue like Sherwin Williams 9639, Rain Cloud, with a trim color like Sherwin Williams 7005, Pure White, to create a classic color combination with your red brick home.

If you want a more classic, neutral look, combine a greige like SW 6191, Contented, with a bold white trim like SW 7757, High Reflective White.

Brown Brick

A darker brown brick will look great with a classic natural color like Sherwin Williams 2810 Rookwood Sash Green. Add a darker white like SW 9622, White Sail, to create a classy yet creative look.

Try complementing a pale tan or light brown brick with a gentle neutral like Sherwin-Williams 9606, Slumber Sloth, or a slightly darker natural shade like Sherwin-Williams 7514, Foothills.

Gray Brick

If you want a complimentary color screen, try pairing gray brick with a lighter gray like SW 7071, Gray Screen.

If you want to lean all the way into a natural color scheme, you could use SW 2847, Roycroft Bottle Green, which is a bold, rich green. If you want to go a little lighter, try SW 6724, Mesclun Green.

Orange Brick

Create a classic, stately color combination by pairing your orange brick with SW 6510 Loyal Blue, and use a deep orange trim like SW 6881, Cayenne, to really help your brickwork pop.

If you want a neutral color scheme, add a gentle brown like SW 7534, Outerbanks, paired with any white trim. If you want a bold, welcoming door color, try SW 6966, Blueblood.

Pink Brick

Any white can be a great choice for pink brick, but you run the risk of making it look like a candy house if the pink brick is a certain shade.

If you want a more dramatic, classic look, combine white siding with SW 6258 Tricorn Black trim.

You can also go with a rich, dark red like SW 7585, Sun-Dried Tomato. Your home will look more red than pink to the eye.

If you want a more neutral look, try a darker brown like SW 6095, Toasty, or even a chocolate brown like SW 6097, Sturdy Brown.

Should I Paint My Brick?

People often ask us what color houses sell the best. When it comes to brick exteriors, homeowners and home buyers alike prefer painted brick over traditional unpainted brick houses.

We offer exterior brick paint color ideas like those above because, after 30 years in the coating industry, we know painting brick looks beautiful and lasts a long time... when it's done the right way.

Get in touch today for a free at-home consultation estimate.

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