365 Renovations Curb Appeal Checklist: Transforming West Chester Area Homes, One Detail at a Time

Even the smallest details can boost curb appeal, like a basket of flowers or a painted front door. There's more to curb appeal than visual appearance. Proud homeowners like you also want to protect and preserve the place you call home.

As a leading painting company in the West Chester area, 365 Renovations offers you an extensive curb appeal checklist. It's bursting with ideas, maintenance, and home improvement options to transform your property into an eye-catching gem.

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Lawn and Garden Touches

  • Landscape Lighting
    Add low lights along paths to highlight trees and near the base of the home. Solar fixtures look nice and increase safety and security with no electrical work.
  • Planters
    Planters add a comfortable, cared-for look. Match the colors of your flowers to the home.
  • Gardening and Landscaping
    If you have a garden, make sure it is weeded and tidy. Prune bushes and hedges. Keep the lawn mowed and trimmed.
  • Cover Dead Spots
    Trees create dead spots where grass will not grow. Hide these with shade-loving flowers or a layer of mulch. Or install decorative rock at the edge of the soil.
  • Plant a Tree
    Trees are typically planted in Ohio from April through mid-June and late October to mid-December. Try to avoid the same trees the neighbors have. Consider the best trees to plant including maintenance, seasonal color, effects on wildlife, height, proximity to your home, and how long it will take to mature.
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Hardware and Adornments

  • Numbers
    Replace old house address numbers with shiny new ones.
  • Mail
    Update your mailbox to a clean, sleek model that fits your style.
  • Handles and Locks
    Refresh your doorknobs and locks and even add a charming door knocker.
  • Lighting
    Ensure your lights are functioning and bright. Consider updating the fixtures at the same time. People notice dingy light fixtures before most other curb appeal features.
  • Matching Hardware
    When light fixtures, doorknobs, mailboxes, and house numbers match, they add a terrific aesthetic to your home.
  • Symmetry
    Symmetry appeals to the eye. If you add a potted plant beside the walkway, match it on the other side.
  • Fencing
    A low fence shows off the home while adding a sense of privacy and security. Make sure your gates are sturdy and well maintained. Add a gated fence around the garden for a touch of elegance.
  • Decorations/Art
    Express yourself with pieces like a fountain, birdhouse, ceramic statue, or holiday adornment that matches your style. It can be memorable and unique while not off-putting.
  • Porch
    Incorporate decorative touches, furniture, and art pieces to increase curb appeal. Keep it clean, uncluttered, and well-maintained. Porch painting does wonders to freshen your exterior and welcome guests inside.
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Improve the Exterior of Your West Chester Home With These Curb Appeal Ideas

  • Paint
    Exterior painting provides weather and insect protection, improved property value, and a more appealing home.
  • Roof
    Your roof should be in excellent condition and harmonize seamlessly with your home's exterior color scheme.
  • Front Door
    The right front door paint color or stain makes an attractive statement. Our craftspeople can help.
  • Window Boxes
    Compliment your home's trim by incorporating window boxes filled with flourishing plants and flowers. It's also a great place to start a garden!
  • Trim and Molding
    Freshly painted trim in a complimentary exterior paint color scheme really makes a house stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Shutters
    Closed shutters contribute to a timeless aesthetic while opening them permits natural light and enhances comfort.
  • Gutters and Downspouts
    Consider gutter cleaning, repair, and painting to keep your gutter system working effectively. Repair cracks, blemishes, and rotted siding and trim. 365 Renovations can help with light carpentry services as part of an exterior painting project.
  • Driveways and Walkways
    Remove moss, mildew, and weeds from walkways, and repair any cracks. If you want to give this area a facelift, many homeowners appreciate pressure-washed pathways or stone or brick pathways.
  • Railings
    All exterior railings should be sturdy, easy to hold, and well maintained for safety. You might also paint or stain them for a fresh look.
  • Decks
    Make any necessary structural repairs. Clean, stain, and seal your deck.
  • Windows
    Energy-efficient windows are a major upgrade to your home, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and boost your home's value. Regularly clean windows at least twice a year. 365 Renovations proudly offers window replacement services.
  • Pressure Washing
    Pressure washing enhances curb appeal and allows for a healthier living environment. Pressure washing is also vital to prepare surfaces for exterior paint. Pressure wash your decks, siding, walkways, porches, pergolas, and driveways.

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Creating curb appeal is important, even if you aren't selling your home. A stunning view from the street can help extend your property value and decrease costly maintenance and repairs in the future.

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