Limewash Brick Exterior Painting Across Our West Chester Service Area

Give your home incredible curb appeal and lasting endurance with limewash brick exterior paint. 365 Renovations is excited to provide the exceptional quality of Romabio Classico Limewash brick paint to North Cincinnati area homeowners.

During Limewash Brick Exterior Painting - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - Washed Brick - Several Ladders - 365 Renovations 600x400
During Limewash Brick Painting - Close Up Detail - Ladder - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - 365 Renovations 600x400

7 Incredible Advantages of Lime Washed Brick

Low Maintenance
Lime wash is a natural, permeable and breathable brick or stone coating that needs little to no maintenance for decades. No moisture retention or interior sweating. The color of your Classico Limewash will not fade as the minerals that make up the paint are UV fade resistant.

You can clean the surface if necessary. However, the product is naturally mold resistant due to its high pH levels.

There is no need to seal most areas of limewash. However, when you desire less additional patina or in high-touch locations, like fireplace hearths, you may choose to seal with Mineral Shield.

Classico Limewash offers an earth-friendly brick coating option. Derived from dolomite limestone, it contains no VOCs or harsh chemicals. The natural mineral binders allow brick to breathe and prevent moisture issues.

Manufacturer Romabio leads in sustainability, being one of the first paint companies to earn Cradle to Cradle certification. This rigorous standard evaluates products' safety, recycled content, renewable energy use, and social fairness.

Lasting Durability
The Classico Limewash paint bonds to the unpainted brick or stone. After it is fully set, a natural process called calcification binds the limewash so that it literally becomes part of the brick. It forms a rock-hard surface for extraordinary protection and durability.

Iconic Beauty
Limewash allows some brick texture and color to show, giving it a wonderful patina that is both modern and classic.

Before and After Limewash Brick Project in Cincinnati

Before Limewash Brick Project - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati OH - Raw Brick Home - Garage - Driveway - 365 Renovations 600x400


Before Limewash Brick Project - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati OH - Raw Brick Home and Yard - 365 Renovations 600x400


Project Details

This natural brick home is stunning. But the homeowners were ready for a change, and they fell in love with the beauty and character of limewash brick. We combined lime washing with exterior paint to create a striking look.

Thorough surface preparation and repair included power washing, caulking trim, scraping, sanding, and priming.

Lime-based Paint
Romabio Medium Limewash in Bianco White to cover 3,240 square feet.

Paint Colors
SW 7011 Natural Choice: Soffit, fascia, gutters, downspouts, dormer/gable vents, columns/posts, all other trim.
SW 9173 Shiitake: Window shutters, bay window (front and back), garage door and frame, rear clapboard siding
SW 9065 Perfect Periwinkle: Front door

Before, during, and after limestone brick project photos for this lovely Cincinnati home.

During Limewash Brick Exterior Painting - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - Original Brick Washed Brick - Painters on Ladders - 365 Renovations 600x400
During Limewash Brick Painting - Side of House - Painter on Ladder - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - 365 Renovations 600x400
During Limewash Brick - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - Closer - Original Brick Washed Brick - Painters on Ladders - 365 Renovations 600x400
During Limewash Brick - Kenwood Rd Cincinnati - Original Brick Washed Brick - More Progress Closer Up - Painters on Ladders - 365 Renovations 600x400

Lime Wash Brick Painting Process

  • Exterior Preparation:
    We thoroughly pressure wash the brick to remove dirt and debris. Then make light carpentry repairs as needed. Since the limewash applies to a wet surface, there is no need to wait days for the surface to dry.
  • Apply the Finish:
    Classico Limewash is a one-coat product. We apply the finish with both precision and an artistic flare. The product will cure in about 12 hours (calcification). Over time, the exterior surface will patina, allowing a little more of the original brick to show through.

Colors of Classico Limewash

Classico Limewash is available in 7 fade-resistant limewash brick paint colors in both warm and cool tones.

Limewash-brick-avorio-white-Loveland-365 Renovations-200x200


Limewash-brick-bianco-white-Liberty Township-365 Renovations-200x200


Limewash-brick-cristallo-white-Kenwood-365 Renovations-200x200


Limewash-brick-nube-gray-Liberty Township-365 Renovations-200x200

Nube Gray

Limewash-brick-riposo-beige-Blue Ash-365 Renovations-200x200

Riposo Beige

Limewash-brick-toscana-beige-Indian Hill-365 Renovations-200x200

Toscana Beige

Limewash-brick-tropea-beige-Indian Hill-365 Renovations-200x200

Tropea Beige

Limewash Brick Painting FAQS

  • Limewash vs. Whitewash: What's the Difference?
    While the two treatments are similar in some ways, there are key differences between whitewash and limewash brick.Whitewash is a type of paint that creates a white, translucent finish on surfaces like brick or plaster. It's made by mixing water, latex paint, and pigment. A white wash brick house will look like a thin plaster has been applied to it, since the wash obscures the brick's appearance. Whitewash is often used in transitional styles, like Modern Scandinavian, Industrial, or Shabby Chic.

    Limewash, on the other hand, can create either a translucent or opaque finish. Limewash has a softer, more chalky appearance than whitewash. It's made from a putty-like substance with tiny bits of crushed limestone that tints the brick. Limewash is a great choice for charming rustic designs, like Modern Farmhouse, Modern Ranch-style, Old World, or Coastal.

    While limewash and whitewash share similar chalky, matte profiles, their chemical compositions and application methods differ. Schedule a consultation with 365 Renovations and ask us about it! We can help you make your vision a reality!

  • What's Better? Whitewash or Limewash?
    That depends on which look you're going for! Limewash brick painting creates a whitewashed appearance with an opaque finish. Unlike thinned paint used in whitewashing (which would make red brick look pink, for example), Classico Limewash's frosted appearance allows the beauty of the brick to show through in its original color (red, brown, or gray) over time.
  • Will Limewash Wash off?
    Once fully cured, limewash will not wash off your brick, stone or masonry. This is because the limewash slurry has bonded with the building’s surface in a natural process called calcification.
  • How does limewash look different from masonry paint?
    Limewash allows a little of the brick color to show through in some areas while masonry paint completely coats the brick or stone surface.
  • What can be limewashed?
    Unpainted, unsealed and unfinished brick, masonry or stone can be limewashed.
  • Why can’t I limewash my painted brick?
    Limewash needs to adhere to the original brick surface to create the characteristic calcification that makes limewash so durable and hard. It cannot form this bond with painted surfaces.
  • How is limewash different from paint products?
    Limewash is made from natural minerals like Dolomite lime so that it's eco-friendly from manufacture through application. Latex paint is designed with a manmade formula based on petroleum products.
  • Can I apply limewash myself?
    Applying limewash correctly requires practice, training and the right tools. Unlike painting, limewash forms an actual bond with your brick or stone. That means the application process is not as forgiving as paint if you make a mistake. Trust the pros at 365 Renovations to give your home a limewash surface you will still appreciate years from now.
  • Will limewash cover ugly brick?
    We can apply heavy limewash to cover nearly all the brick or finish the surface lightly to allow more of the brick’s character to show through. We also offer regular exterior brick painting , limewash masonry paint or lime slurry paint services. Let's talk about your vision at your estimate consultation.
  • How long will the limewash look last?
    Limewash looks great for decades, but you can refresh it as desired. While it will continue to develop a patina from exposure to the elements, it will never completely come off the brick’s surface.  Historic buildings keep their classic look for centuries with a limewashed exterior.

Bring Old Brick Back to Life with Limewash

For centuries, limewash has beautified and protected historic brick buildings across the globe. This long-standing technique deeply cleanses and seals porous masonry surfaces. Now it can revive the beauty of your Cincinnati brick home.

Unlike paint, limewash lets brick breathe and won't trap moisture. Its antioxidants prevent erosion while natural antibacterial properties deter mold and mildew. With a matte finish that celebrates classic architecture, non-toxic limewash restores vibrancy and character to weathered brick. Limewash brick paint is has antiseptic, antifungal, and fire-retardant properties. It is also non-allergenic and zero-VOC.

Cincinnati's Brick Heritage

Brickmaking thrived in Ohio as early as the late 1700s. Local clay deposits fueled an industry that left its mark on architecture across the state. Here in Cincinnati, stately historic homes showcase the artistry of our brick masonry heritage. In fact, according to the Milford Historical Society, two of the first brick homes built in the area still stand today on High Street and Beech Street.

For a glimpse into the past, tour iconic Cincinnati buildings like Music Hall and Union Terminal. Or visit Liberty Township's Niederman Family Farm to explore an 1886 schoolhouse and Ohio's agricultural roots. Limewash offers a cost-effective way to honor the brick foundations of our region's history.

Let us revive the beauty of your brick exterior while preserving its structural integrity. Contact us to see how a limewash brick renewal can showcase the timeless warmth of your brick home.

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