Painting Brick Exteriors

Should You Paint Your Brick Home?

Have you been told that painting brick isn’t a good idea because the paint doesn’t stick? When the paint blisters, flakes, or pops off a brick exterior, it’s almost always because the painter didn’t prep the surface correctly. Whether brick, wood, aluminum or vinyl siding, proper surface preparation and use of the correct paint product is important.

Let's set the record straight on painting brick the right way.

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How to Paint a Brick Exterior

365 Renovations owner, Jim Dorff, has worked in the coating industry for over 30 years. He understands the nature of brick masonry and the technology behind choosing the correct products to paint it for beautiful, lasting results.

Brick is porous. Therefore, moisture from rain and humidity pushes into and through the brick material. It runs down to the bottom of the house and drains out through weep holes. This process helps to protect the brick and the paint finish.

Problems arise when the sun heats the brick and pulls the moisture out through evaporation, popping off the paint finish. But don't worry. 365 Renovations offers an exceptional and proven solution.

  1. Meticulous Surface Preparation
    We use specialized tools and equipment to clean, dry, and prep the brickwork to the highest standards prior to painting. It must be free of dirt, loose and excess mortar, mildew, and other contaminates.
  2. Specialty Sealant Application
    First, it is vital to seal the brick to protect it from moisture problems while still allowing it to breathe. We use a green product that is certified for low chemical emissions. This specifically engineered product penetrates and seals the brick and bonds light chalk to the surface.
  3. Two Coats of Our Masonry Engineered Finish
    Second, we apply two coats of a high performance masonry finish designed for painting brick exteriors. It is self-cleaning, weather-resistant, and inhibits the growth of mildew. The paint is a flat sheen for a non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface imperfections.

Review our complete 20-step exterior painting process.

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Paint Your Brick Home with Confidence

Why paint? Some brick homes appear old-fashioned or outdated and are harder to sell. Reds and oranges fade, and even yellow, and moisture damage sets in after years of enduring the Ohio weather. Exterior painting reduces fading and moisture damage, upgrades curb appeal, and adds a mighty layer of protection from the elements. As an alternative, you may prefer limewash brick exterior painting.

Understand that it is permanent. You can't effectively remove paint from brick. But you can change exterior paint colors as you like and pressure wash as needed to keep the brick clean and well-maintained.

Get in touch with 365 Restoration to schedule a free painting estimate today! And, to learn how painting brick, when done correctly, helps reduce deterioration, keeps your home's exterior cleaner, and transforms the look of your home.

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