Pressure Washing Brilliance: Prep Your Home for Exterior Painting in West Chester

365 Renovations provides professional pressure washing when it accompanies an exterior repaint project. We safely clean all types of residential siding, including vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood, and brick.

Why Do We Recommend Pressure Washing Prior to Painting?

  • Remove Flaking and Peeling Paint
    We want to start with a clean surface because paint will not adhere properly to a dirty surface. Besides dirt and grime, there may be loose paint chips from peeling, flaking, or blistering siding. Pressure washing also removes insects and their feces, spider webs, pollen, and other debris that builds up over time.
  • Remove Spider Webs and Insect Debris
    The high-pressure water stream dislodges and removes cobwebs, insect nests, and other residues that may accumulate on walls, windows, and corners. This not only contributes to the overall cleanliness of your property, but also reduces pest infestations and enhances curb appeal.
  • Remove Oxidation
    Does your home exterior exhibit chalking? Deteriorating paint produces a chalk-like layer which transfers to the hands and clothing of people who touch it. Chalking results when the paint on siding breaks down from exposure to the weather. This process is called oxidation.
  • Remove Mold and Mildew
    If you notice your siding looks green in places where it shouldn't, you have mold or mildew on your siding. A biodegradable detergent or bleach may be used if the mildew is extensive. Drying times vary, but typically the house is ready for fresh paint the next morning.
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Pressure Washing for Exterior Painters in West Chester OH - 365 Renovations
Pressure Washing Siding of a Home Before Painting the Exterior - Liberty Township - 365 Renovations

Why Choose 365 Renovations?

We put the effort into preparation because attention-to-detail and professionalism ensure your paint job will be completed to your satisfaction.

One of the most important steps in the exterior painting process is preparing the surface. We pressure wash the house to remove dirt and mildew, including using a biodegradable detergent if the mildew is extensive.

Take a look at our comprehensive 20-step exterior painting process. We look forward to working with you on this exterior painting project and on all your future painting needs!

Professional Pre-Painting Preparation with Pressure Washing!

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Contact us at 365 Restoration to schedule a free painting estimate today! Be sure to ask how pressure washing helps make your new paint stick better by smoothing and sanitizing the surface.

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