From Prep to Paint: Addressing Your FAQs on House Painting

Below you'll find answers to the common FAQs about house painting and working with 365 Renovations. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us.

General Painting FAQs

1. What will it cost to paint my home?
Since every home, and the specifications of the project, are different, a ballpark price range isn't useful for you. There's a lot more to consider besides the painting itself. Prep work, repair, additional carpentry work, condition and color of existing paint, types of surfaces, square footage, best product for the job, how much coverage, and more.

However, knowing our project minimums may be helpful as you consider the cost of painting your home.

2. Is financing available?
Yes! Take advantage of Paint Now - Pay Later Financing.

3. Can I get an estimate over the phone or via email?
Your time spent receiving an in-person estimate is extremely worthwhile when you meet with 365 Renovations. That's because we consult, answer questions, and present options so you understand what is needed and why we're making certain recommendations. Then you can make decisions with confidence. And our written proposal is accurate so there are no surprises (for either of us)!

Our estimates are very detailed, listing all items required for the scope of the project. You'll also receive our written 20-step process and insurance documentation. We are transparent and thorough. Painting companies who provide 'blind' estimates via phone or email are trying to get their foot in the door; and their numbers likely won't stick.

4. Why should I care whether you are insured?
It is exceedingly important that we protect you, your property, and our own team in case of an accident - and accidents happen. If you hire a company without insurance, and one of their workers gets hurt on the job, you can be sued. If your property suffers some type of job-related damage, you have limited recourse. We provide proof of insurance along with our written estimate:

  • $2,000,000 Liability Insurance Coverage.
  • Full Worker's Compensation Coverage.

5. Do you have references and examples of completed projects?
Yes, which you can pursue in a variety of ways.

First, we respect our customers' privacy. We don't allow drive-bys past their homes or phone calls without their explicit permission. If you request references, we will ask past customers in your area before providing you with contact information.

Second, you can browse our website projects gallery and visit Facebook for authentic project photos.

Third, see both written customer testimonials and third-party reviews at Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We welcome your feedback!

6. How many projects do you average each year?
We complete between 150 to 200 annually. Cabinets and kitchen makeovers are by far our most requested services.

7. What brands and types of paint do you use? How are they selected?
Owner, Jim Dorff, has over 30 years of experience in the coating industry. Based on this expertise and knowledge in the field, we've found Sherwin-Williams and Porter/PPG brands to be most reliable for interior and exterior projects. You benefit from our professional partnership with them due to volume discount pricing.

Refinishing or painting cabinets requires a different type of product. We use special industrial wood coating paints and stains designed specifically for cabinets to provide unmatched durability. In general, selecting the right paint product is very important to us and to our customers to ensure the paint job looks great and lasts as long as possible.

8. Do you help me with paint color selection?
You can request a free color consultation by our certified paint color design specialist. And we may provide feedback based on past experience. Feel free to choose colors from any paint manufacturer as we can color-match with our paint tinting machine.

Ultimately, you choose your paint color selection. We ask you to complete a form, which we keep on file for your future needs, to communicate your paint products and color choices. You have the following options:

  • Go to your local paint store, pick a color from their samples, and we duplicate/color-match as needed.
  • Give us the color numbers you selected when working with your color consultant.
  • Provide an old can of paint showing the color or color information.
  • Supply the manufacturer name and color number (example, Antique White SW6119).
  • Provide color information from the original home builder.

9. Are more expensive paints better?
Not always. Paint manufacturers invest in a lot of marketing hype to convince customers to buy the most expensive products. This increases their profit margins, of course. Jim's in-depth knowledge of coating plays an important role for each customer.

We use only very high-quality paints and materials that are proven to last for years. Our preferred brands are Sherwin-Williams and Porter/PPG. If the customer feels strongly about another product, we can use that as long as the paint is of high enough quality to put our warranty behind it.

10. Do you offer Green products?
Most all products are green in Ohio as we follow a lot of the same guidelines as California. If this is something that interests you, there are a number of environmentally-friendly products we can discuss as well as ways to recycle or donate excess paint. Please feel free to express these concerns.

11. What are the differences between latex and oil paint?
Today, not much. Latex paints have evolved over the last 10 years to be just as good as oil, and in a lot of instances, the latex paints are better performing. In addition, oil paints are not available due to Ohio EPA regulations.

12. I see paint sales advertised all the time. Can I buy my own paint for you to use?
We buy over $60,000 worth of paint each year, so we generally get the paint at a lower cost than even the advertised customer sale prices. Plus, we know which paint is best suited for your project; often better than the counter salespeople at the paint stores.

13. Will I save money if I buy the materials?
Of all FAQs, this one is most common. The answer is no, with the exception of cabinet hardware (handles and pulls). You can often find those items at a lower cost on Amazon.

14. What can we do with leftover paint from years past?
Matthew 25 Ministries out of Blue Ash, Ohio will recycle all latex paints and provide them to people in need. To recyle oil-base products, open the lids and mix cat litter into the paint. Leave the lid off until the product dries. Then, dispose of paint cans in your garbage pickup.

15. Will you give us the leftover paint from our project?
We will leave you paint at the end of the project for future touchup or color matching. Please store in a cool dry place inside the house; not in the garage.

16. Once you start the job, do you stay until it's done?
Yes, we do not leave your job until we are done.

17. Will the painters need access to my bathroom? Where will they clean up?
We will only use a restroom inside your home that you specify. If that option isn't available, our crew typically uses a restroom at a nearby gas station. Clean-up is handled outside - unless you have a shop sink you've granted us permission to use. The crew generally takes larger items off the jobsite for cleaning.

18. Who will keep me updated on my project?
In the beginning, scheduling is handled by our office staff. Once we arrive on the job, the Crew Chief is your point of contact. Rest assured that Jim and Susan are available via phone and email throughout the project.

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House Painting FAQs - Green Loft Bedroom - 365 Renovations
General House Painting FAQs from 365 Renovations

Interior Painting FAQs

19. Does someone have to be home while interior painting is done?
Only if you want to be. Our painters are professional and people you can trust in your home. Feel free to come and go. As for the work - the crew leader will have a work ticket that mimics your contract, so they know exactly what to paint. We will need to make sure we can secure the home if the crew must leave for lunch or at the end of the day.

20. I am concerned about fumes and odor. What can be done about that?
All paints we use are low-odor. Weather permitting, we can open a few windows to help with airflow. Nothing we use is harmful to humans or pets.

21. We have drywall damage/water damage. Do I need to get it repaired before you come?
We can handle the damage if it is reasonable and not an extremely large area. Jim will evaluate it during your free estimate appointment.

22. What temperature conditions are needed for interior painting?
Customers are asked to set the thermostat to 72-73 degrees.

23. What are the differences between flat, satin, eggshell, and high gloss finishes?

  • Flat hides imperfections, but is not cleanable.
  • Satin/eggshell allows for easier cleaning.
  • Gloss is generally for interior trim as it provides the best durability for high-touch areas.

24. How long should I wait before washing the walls after you paint?
Wait at least 72 hours. To clean painted walls, we recommend Dawn dish soap and water using a microfiber cloth.

Exterior Painting FAQs

25. Does someone have to be home when exterior painting is done?
We like for you to be home at the start of the job, and at least one day if we are painting any doors or windows.

26. I have rotted wood in some areas. Do I need to get that repaired before the painters come?
We will determine the best method during our inspection of the free estimate. We provide minor repairs. For major repairs, we recommend an exterior carpentry service.

27. Can you match my existing paint color, or that of a friend or neighbor?
Most of the time, we can match any paint color with a specialized tool. Take a look at our exterior paint color schemes and let us know which is closest to yours or your neighbors.

28. Why does the paint begin to fade or peel? Is there anything I can do to help make it last longer?
If the paint on the exterior is fading or peeling, it generally means it is a lower quality paint, or it is an incorrect sheen.

29. There is peeling under the eaves of my house. Why did that happen?
Moisture is usually the culprit. Another reason is waiting too many years between exterior paint application.

30. What finish do you use for exterior paint?
We like to use Satin or Eggshell for its sealing power rather than a flat finish, which allows your paint job to last two to three years longer.

31. Can you paint aluminum or vinyl siding?
Yes, we use a spray method and it looks brand new when we are done. Learn more on the Sherwin-Williams FAQs page.

Exterior Painting Process for a Limewash Brick Home in Liberty Township
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Cabinet Painting FAQs

32. What is the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing?
Refacing means keeping the boxes of the cabinets, but replacing doors and drawer fronts. We can provide new cabinetry facing if yours are in disrepair or you'd like a different style. You can have them stained or painted as desired.
Cabinet refinishing means changing the color of the cabinets with paint or stain.

33. How do you prepare kitchen cabinets for painting or refinishing?
We remove all the doors and drawer faces, take them to our shop, and service the boxes onsite. Everything is triple-cleaned, sanded for adhesion, and primed with a sealer. Next, we apply two layers of industrial coating that is chemical-resistant for commercial-grade protection.

34. Do I need to take everything out of my cabinets? How do I prepare for the project?
There is usually no need to remove your belongings from cabinets or drawers. We ask the following:

  • Push items in cabinets back three to four inches from the door face.
  • Clear countertops and work area surfaces.

35. Do you paint the insides of cabinets and drawers?
No (unless you have glass doors). The insides of cabinets are typically laminate for easy cleaning and durability.

36. Will you install new hardware when the painting is complete?
We certainly can install new cabinet hardware.

37. How long does cabinet painting take?
The project takes approximately one week to complete; however, you will only lose use of your kitchen for two and half days.

Do you have any other FAQs? Let us know and we'll add them here.