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Kitchen Color Ideas to Spice Up Your West Chester Home

Choosing Your Kitchen Paint Color Scheme

Finding kitchen color ideas when it comes time to repaint your kitchen can be a challenge. For many families in West Chester and throughout Ohio, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so you want to get it just right.

But first, consider how you want your kitchen to feel when you use it. When you start the day with coffee, chat with friends over brunch, and share the day’s events over dinner, what do you want the vibe in the room to be?

Science has shown that different colors create different emotional responses in people. Blue is a calming color, while its opposite on the color wheel, orange, creates a feeling of energy and vibrancy.

Colors have their own language. By choosing a combination of color schemes for your walls and cabinets, you can create your own unique ‘voice’ for the kitchen.

Traditional And Bold Kitchen Color Ideas

Do you prefer conservative neutrals or vibrant, spirited decor?

Traditional Kitchen Color Schemes

Kitchen Color Ideas - White Kitchen Cabinets Grey Tile Backsplash and Countertop - 365 RenovationsAs the name suggests, traditional colors are classic and timeless. Whites, off whites, creams, beiges, and some grays fall under this category.

The beauty of traditional color schemes is that you can add a complementary accent color, and 'redecorate' with a new accent color at any time.

Choosing traditional colors is a good way to experiment with bold colors if you are not ready for a vibrantly painted kitchen.

Bold Kitchen Paint Color Schemes

Bold Kitchen Color Ideas - Moss Green - West Chester, OH - 365 RenovationsBold color schemes are certainly more dramatic, not typically associated with a kitchen environment. But they can be tasteful and stunning done the right way.

Think of warm colors such as olive or sage green, Tuscan orange, golden honeycomb, sunny yellow, indigo blue, forest green, deep wine, or plum purple.

There is a range of shades within each color scheme, giving you virtually limitless options.

We know bright colors to be friendly, happy, and to encourage communication. Create a theme, replicate childhood memories, or put your personality stylishly on display in the most used room in your West Chester home.

What Kitchen Color Schemes Are Trending in Cincinnati Right Now?

Black and White

Black and White Kitchen Paint Color Scheme - West Chester, OH - 365 RenovationsUnsurprisingly, black and white color schemes are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Because they are the opposites of each other, using these two together always works well.

You can choose black cabinets with white countertops or vice versa. Black and white also denote cleanliness and efficiency.

And you don’t have to rely on these two colors alone. Add a splash of color with red padded chairs or teal countertop crockery.

Dark Blues

Painter - 365 Renovations - Milton, OH - Kitchen Remodel - Cabinet Painting Blue White CountertopFor large open kitchens, blue is beautiful. It offers a relaxing atmosphere with a back-to-nature appeal.

Described as a favorite color by many people, the seemingly dramatic effect of blue is softened by its tranquility and orderly ambiance.

Research has shown that blue rooms increase productivity and reduce appetite (great for weight loss). In fact, blue is so popular that Sherwin-Williams presented Naval Blue (SW 6244) as its 2020 color of the year.

Shades of Gray

Painters - 365 Renovations - Kitchen Cabinet Painting Gray and WhiteGrays are popular because they are so versatile, and preferred by people who want to stay conventional without using whites or creams.

Depending on the tones you use, you can get an industrial modern feel, undeniable sophistication, or a welcoming yet neutral backdrop for bold accents.

Gray is sensible and provides balance in any room. Combine light and dark shades of gray, mix it up with white and black, or introduce your favorite color.

The Most Popular Colors in West Chester For Kitchen Cabinets

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White and Light

Painting kitchen cabinets white is by far the most requested in the West Chester area. They go with just about anything and coordinate seamlessly with a variety of kitchen accents like backsplashes, countertops, appliances, flooring, decor, rugs, dishes, and chairs.

Black and Dark

Dark, impactful colors such as black, dark blues, and the darker greys are becoming increasingly popular as cabinet colors in the kitchen. When combined with a white countertop or backsplash, they create a dramatic look.

Bold and Two-Tone

Rich colors such as delicate greens and warm browns are moving up in popularity to reflect an eco-friendly value and bring nature indoors. Or consider painting your upper and lower cabinets different colors or paint the kitchen island in a standout accent color.

Ideas to Make A Small Kitchen Appear Larger

If you have a small kitchen and you want to give the illusion of space, then whites and neutrals are your best friends. White is highly reflective. It makes walls recede and increases the sense of space.

You can also increase the illusion of space by choosing reflective surfaces, opting for some open shelving, or choosing slimmer replacement cabinets.

Strategically placed mirrors and geometric patterns will also help make your kitchen seem larger. Consider our affordable kitchen makeover to help you achieve fashion and function.

Pair Your Kitchen Color Ideas with Nearby Spaces

When painting your kitchen, keep the following in mind to help guide you.

  • If you have an open concept layout, be sure your kitchen colors blend with the rest of the space.
  • Choose the mood you want for your fresh look. Busy and energetic, calm and peaceful, or a theme that flows into the rest of the home?
  • Consider the size of your kitchen and remember that dark colors affect the perception of space.
  • Do you prefer neutral backgrounds you can spice up with decor? Or would you prefer the walls or cabinets to speak for themselves?

Your choices for cabinets and wall colors can seem a little overwhelming. Request a professional consultation with our color specialist for guidance.

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