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Our paint tinting machine creates custom paint colors or an exact paint color match of any major brand. Thanks to this advanced paint technology, your paint will cost less, you'll get a faster turnaround, and the color will be more consistent.

We invest in our customers at 365 Renovations. If there's a way to provide better, faster service, we do our best to offer it to you.

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Paint Tinting Machine for Paint Color Match Near West Chester, OH - 365 Renovations

What is a paint tinting machine?

You may hear paint tinting machines also called paint color mixers or paint tinting systems. A paint tinting machine helps you create the exact color of paint that you want.

How does it work?

In the first step, we provide the machine with a sample. The software has a spectrophotometer capable of deciphering color and determining which tints will create that color. Once the machine distributes the right tints into the paint, the machine vigorously mixes the paint to create consistent results.

What is the Difference Between a Tint and a Shade?

A tint lessens the darkness of a color. Tints are achieved by mixing pure colors (or any combination of pure colors) with only white. For instance, if you mix the pure pigment blue with white, you’ll naturally get a softer, light blue, which is a tint of blue. Think of a tint as a paler version of the same color.

A shade will have just black mixed in with a pure color or a combination of colors. When you mix only black with a pure color, you’ll naturally increase the darkness of the starting color.

What Kind of Samples Can I Use?

1. Use Existing Paint Colors

Choose an existing color from a paint manufacturer, we'll program the color data into the software, and it will create the exact tint you request. For example, suppose you'd like to paint your interior walls with Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray.

We can feed the information into our paint tinting machine and produce as much of that color paint as needed. You'd have to pay more at your local paint store and often wait for it to be in stock through out volume discount vendors.

Since there is less time spent sourcing the paint, we can get your interior or exterior painting project completed much faster.

2. Create New Paint Colors

Perhaps you'd like a tint that's in between two offered by paint manufacturers. No problem! The paint tinting machine will create custom colors for you.

How can I match an existing color that isn't paint?

Perhaps you have furniture pieces or fabrics you'd like us to match paint colors to. We can also match paper, metal, and other types of samples. Or you can get paint chip samples from a friend's house you'd like to match if you love the color and want it in your home, too.

Giving our customers the exact paint colors they want is no problem with the tinting machine. All it takes is a sample. Our spectrophotometer can read the colors. If the item is big, we can take it out to our shop and return it to you.

Can you take a picture of the paint and match it?

A spectrophotometer can work with a picture. Just ensure you're capturing a photo of the item in natural light. Light conditions can distort the perception of color in other lighting conditions.

To understand what we mean, try uploading a photo to the Sherwin-Williams "Explore Color" tool. You'll receive lenses that offer "best guess" paint matches. You can move the lenses around the photo to see how the color changes in different lighting conditions.

How accurate are paint tinting machines?

The best spectrometers offer 90% accuracy. In practice, you don't need 100% accuracy for the eye to read the color as "the same," which makes it possible for us to deliver the visual results you're looking for even though 100% accuracy isn't possible.

Accuracy depends on the number of filters contained within the spectrophotometer. They start at 16 and go up to 31.

Filters allow specific wavelengths of light to pass through them, reflecting away all colors that don't match the color of the sample. So, naturally, a spectrometer with 31 filters will be far more accurate than a spectrometer with 16.

Our paint tinting machine has the highest accuracy rating!

We use the A110 Archimede™ equipped with Color Designer PLUS Paint software. Color Designer PLUS lets us color-match just about any color you can think of. It even lets us check to see if any of the paint lines we use already have the color in stock.

If they don't, we can formulate the color in-house. We can even capture and save details of each color under your unique customer profile so you can use those favorite colors again and again.

This program works for any of our painting services.

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