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How to Match Roof Colors with Exterior Painting

Roof Color is a Focal Point of Your Home Exterior

Most homes need exterior painting more often than roof replacement, thank goodness. So it's important to consider roof colors when choosing exterior paint colors.

Since the roof is large (up to 40% of your home's visual exterior) and can't help but stand out, it's best to coordinate a color scheme that harmonizes architectural style with the siding, trim, accents, and even landscaping.

Most roof materials used in our West Chester service area are shingles, which come in a variety of colors like black, blue, red, gray, brown, and green.

How to Match Roof Colors and Exterior Paint Colors

First, find out if your neighborhood requires you to select exterior colors based on an HOA-approved list. Review Sherwin-Williams' Cincinnati HOA guide as an example.

Here are some exterior paint combinations that match well with the most popular shingle colors in our area.

Exterior Painting - Green Roof White House - 365 Renovations - West Chester
Exterior Painting - Red Roof Colors - Tan Body White Trim - 365 Renovations Cincinnati 600x400

1. Green Roof Colors

A green roof blends nicely with surrounding trees and landscaping. Yet, it calls attention to itself as out-of-the-ordinary, even though it's been an option for a long time.

What color do you paint a house with a green roof? Stick to a lighter body color (like whites and creams), light trim, and subtle dark accents (like black or a deep green that matches the roof).

2. Red Roof Colors

What color paint goes with a red roof? Shades of tan, beige, gray, and greige are the best siding color choices for a home with a red roof.

For a special touch, try matching the roof color with the front door. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Exterior Painting - Green Roof White House - 365 Renovations - West Chester
Exterior Painting - Gray House White Trim Gray Roof - 365 Renovations Cincinnati 600x400

3. Blue Roof Colors

The best exterior paint color schemes that pair with a blue roof color include whites, grays, and greiges with blue-gray accents like Misty.

Brown siding pairs well with a dark blue roof while gray exterior colors look amazing with a medium or light colored roof.

4. Gray Roof Colors

What color siding goes with a gray roof? Since gray is so versatile, you could choose almost any exterior color combination. Whites are classic. A lighter or darker shade of gray than the roof adds depth.

You can also play with shades of red, blue, or green as body or accent colors. Since you have so many options, keep in mind what house colors sell best to get the highest resale value.

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Black Roof Color - Gray Exterior Siding - White Trim - 365 Renovations

5. Brown Roof Colors

An all-around favorite, brown roof colors add warmth and a welcoming feel to your home exterior. The light, warm tones of white, cream, and tan neutrals like Rivers Edge compliment most brown shades.

You could even choose a lovely red for the siding color, but we don't recommend gray exterior paint colors with a brown roof.

6. Black Roof Colors

What color to paint a house with black shingles? Stay with a light paint color scheme on the siding to create contrast and make the home appear larger.

Soft gray or white paired with black are a timeless exterior color palette for homes with a black roof color.

The Best Roof and House Paint Palette

Try using a visualization software to help you choose exterior paint color and roof color combinations. You can even upload a photo of your actual home to see how your selected colors look together.

Rest assured, any color you want, we can provide using our paint tinting machine.

  • White houses pair well with any roof color. But you'll still want to consider trim and accent colors that contrast with the roof in a pleasant way.
  • Coordinate paint colors with your neighbors' homes. There are a lot of ways to add curb appeal, including front door painting and landscaping, to avoid clashing with nearby exterior colors in the neighborhood.
  • Some roof colors are a blend of shades or related color families. And some brick exteriors feature multi-color brick. So keep patterns and texture in mind. Your house color choices shouldn't compete with other features of the home.
  • In general, light-colored houses appear larger and draw attention to the architectural style. Dark paint colors can hide imperfections and mute individual elements you don't want people to notice.

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