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6 Surprising Benefits of Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets with Soft-Close Hinges

A soft-close hinge activates when a cabinet door is about two inches away from the closed position. It closes quietly and effortlessly, regardless of size, weight, or the force used to shut the cabinet.

Soft-close hinges come in a wide selection of elegant designs, styles, and colors. Upgrading your existing cabinetry can save you thousands of dollars while having the same effect as replacing them.

Older-style kitchen cabinet hinges can be upgraded with soft-close, just as you can upgrade to new cabinet hardware such as handles, pulls, and knobs.

The Many Advantages of Soft-Close Hinges

Soft-close cabinet hinges aren't a luxury item reserved only for special circumstances. They are practical, affordable, and protect both the cabinetry and the people who use them.

Once you upgrade to soft-close, you'll wonder what took you so long!

1) Reduce ordinary wear-and-tear of your cabinets.
According to Blum, kitchen cabinetry is opened and closed an average of 80 times a day.

2) Stop damage caused by slammed doors.
The banging or slamming of cabinets is annoying and causes a range of damage to doors, frames, and hardware. Older cabinets have rubber bumpers in the corners meant to soften the impact when they close. But they wear down, fall off, and most people don't replace them. Even if you replace the bumpers, they don't prevent slamming.

3) Avoid injuries.
Have you, or a child in your home, pinched a finger or banged your head on the corner of an open cabinet door? Yea, us too. It's painful. Try all you want to 'slam' soft-close hinged cabinets - they won't slam shut and hurt anyone.

4) A busy homemaker's best friend.
You only have two hands to put groceries away, prepare meals, and clean up. If your hands are full, give the cabinet door an easy nudge with your elbow, shoulder, hip, or knee and it will close weightlessly. The soft-close hinge system allows you to move more efficiently around the kitchen.

5) Feeling ill, tired, or recovering from a medical procedure?
Soft-close hinges to the rescue! There's a big difference between effortless kitchen cabinets and mustering the energy not to slam or bang them closed. Especially when you're under the weather, physically or mentally. And don't forget how nice a light touch on the cabinet is during those late-night snack attacks, in the dark, when you don't want to wake anyone up.

6) Okay, soft-close cabinets are a luxury!
Increasing in popularity, soft-close may be the standard of the future. But you won't find it on most people's home improvement wish list. It doesn't come to mind. After you have them, however, you'll slam cabinet doors (accidentally) at your friends' homes and realize what a gift they are to your quality of life.

Kitchens Bring Families Together

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Your kitchen is undoubtedly the hardest working room in your house. It hosts the traffic of multiple people and purposes each day. Your kitchen should be functional, efficient, and an appealing space in which to spend your time.

365 Renovations specializes in cabinet refinishing (painting and staining) and cost-effective kitchen makeovers (want a beautiful new backsplash and granite or quartz countertops?). Soft-close hinges and new hardware installation for your cabinets are part of the package, if you like.

Kitchen color ideas abound to achieve the mood and look you're dreaming of with the help of our color specialist, talented painters, and craftsmen. We also offer interior and exterior painting, and related home improvement light carpentry services.

Make your kitchen practical. Make your kitchen last. Give 365 Renovations the opportunity to provide a detailed, written estimate so you can plan your kitchen transformation. Soft-close hinges are one piece of the pie you won't want to miss.

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