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As a homeowner in West Chester, you want a house painting company that will update your interior or exterior as a satisfying and stress-free experience. When considering companies to handle your painting project, quality work is a top priority. You'll also appreciate flexible and reliable West Chester house painters who provide timely solutions and budget-friendly pricing options.

You'll get responsive communication, personable and highly skilled painters, minimal impact on your home life, and a beautiful, new paint job that enhances your property.

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The painters were a nice group of guys and had a great work ethic. We are totally satisfied with their work. Thanks so much!
Becky - West Chester, OH

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Exterior Painting FAQs - Blue House, White Trim - 365 Renovations of West Chester Township, Ohio

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West Chester House Painters FAQs

At what temperatures can you paint the outside or inside of my home?
Exterior temperatures must be at or above 45 degrees on a regular basis to keep the underlying press paint from freezing. We like to keep your home around 70 to 72 degrees for interior painting.

Do you provide historical home painting?
Yes, we are experienced in painting historical homes, similar to some of West Chester Township cherished properties such as the 1900 Hauck Mansion in Sharonville, the 1836 Greek Revival Phillips House, and the 1872 Holtsinger Residence. Of course, we will give any aged home the special touches and attention to detail that protect and beautify your investment.

Can you paint aluminum or vinyl siding?
Yes! Our experience has proven that spraying the siding itself is the best method so both vinyl and aluminum look brand-new when the job is done.

What about paint recycling and green products?
365 Renovations is a very environmentally-conscious company, as is the entire Cincinnati area. In most cases, the preferred brand of our painters is Sherwin Williams, which offers durable, low-odor, zero VOC green paint products. Check the West Chester township website or Butler County for recycling options. You can also donate latex paint to Matthew 25: Ministries’ Rainbow Paint Reblending Program.

How do the painters prepare surfaces and the work area before house painting?
Browse our detailed, 20-step checklists that describe our painting process from start-to-finish.

Vinyl Siding Exterior Painting: Before and After in West Chester

Buying a new home is a lot more special when you can freshen it up with your own personal style. Even the neighbors mentioned how impressed they were with this exterior painting project in West Chester. It had protected its previous occupants from sun, wind, humidity, and an average 39 inches of precipitation in West Chester each year. Its color was faded and dull.

Before Exterior Painting - West Chester OH - White Vinyl Siding - 365 Renovations
After Exterior Painting - West Chester OH - Silver Vinyl Safe Paint Color - 365 Renovations

Final Exterior Paint Color Choices

Damaged Siding and Pests

Damage to the siding left it vulnerable to the weather. But the wear-and-tear also made the house more susceptible to pests. Bugs like carpenter ants, spiders, beetles, wasps, rats and mice, and even woodpeckers create problems for vinyl siding, inside and outside the home. We provided light carpentry repair to get the siding, trim, and roofline in tiptop shape prior to painting.

Check out these close-up after photos of the new silver siding, dark gray trim, and bright red door. The house stands tall and proud, and the homeowners receive lots of compliments.

Vinyl Siding Exterior Painting - West Chester OH - Close up of Garage - 365 Refinishing
Red Front Door Painting - Vinyl Siding Home in West Chester Ohio - 365 Renovations

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your West Chester Home

Vinyl Siding

You can paint vinyl siding when you use the right preparation and product. There's a trick to it, though—you shouldn’t paint vinyl siding darker than its original color. Doing so causes it to warp.

Warping happens because darker shades of paint naturally absorb more heat. The paint traps the vinyl so it cannot expand and contract properly, causing it to get hotter than its original color.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a durable option that takes paint well, offering homeowners an opportunity to refresh or change their home's appearance. With proper maintenance, aluminum siding can last over 40 years, but it may require repainting every 5-10 years. Choosing the right color is crucial, as dark shades can lead to heat absorption and potential issues.

If your siding has chalky residue, fading, or an undesirable color, painting is a viable solution. Ensure the surface is prepared, choose an appropriate paint color, and consider priming if bare metal is exposed. While factory-finished paint is durable, painting can provide a fresh look without the need to remove the existing finish.

We also paint wood, brick, limewash brick, and stucco.

Painting Aluminum Siding - Green Exterior Paint - White Trim - 365 Renovations West Chester OH - 600x400
Exterior Painters - Brick with Light Gray and Dark Gray Trim - West Chester Township OH - 365 Renovations
Stucco Siding Exterior Painting - Beige with White Trim - West Chester Township, Ohio - 365 Renovations 600x400

West Chester Painting for Interiors and Cabinets

Transforming the interiors of your West Chester home through professional painting services brings a fresh and personalized touch to every room. Whether you're focusing on individual spaces like kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or home offices, or considering a whole-house interior painting project, it's an opportunity to enhance your living environment.

A skilled painting company, like ours at 365 Renovations, ensures meticulous preparation, high-quality paints, and expert application techniques. Choose colors that reflect your style, complement your furnishings, and create the desired ambiance in each room. From bright and lively kitchen cabinets to serene bedrooms, our team is dedicated to delivering a seamless and stunning transformation that aligns with your vision and enhances your West Chester home's aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Painting Company - West Chester Township, OH - 365 Renovations
West Chester Interior Painting - Living Room Beige and White Trim - 365 Renovations
West Chester, OH - Kitchen Cabinet Painting - White Cabinets - 365 Renovations

Why Choose 365 Renovations as Your House Painting Contractor?

Did you know the township of West Chester is nationally recognized as one of 'America's Best Places to Live'? West Chester is home to about 64,000 residents and more than 3,600 businesses.

365 Renovations is proud to be counted among the West Chester local businesses. Our professional painters service neighborhoods such as Olde West Chester, Keehner Park, Bethany Huntsville, Beckett Ridge, Wetherington, West Chester North, and other communities near the 45069 zip code.

Reasonable pricing is always a priority consideration for West Chester homeowners. That's why our painting estimates are very detailed. We list out every piece of the project. By virtue of taking care in the building of the estimate, we never have to approach a customer to ask for additional money later.

More reasons to put your trust in our painting company include:

  • Peace of Mind
    Peace of mind with Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, and background checks on all our painters and craftspeople. So, if an accident happens, we've got you covered.
  • Warranty
    We provide a 1-year warranty on cabinet refinishing and a 2-year warranty on all exterior and interior painting.
  • Carpentry Repair
    Our thorough preparation process includes light carpentry repair of the exterior siding, as well as repair of interior walls, ceilings, and cabinets.
  • Ecological
    Environmentally-friendly products and processes.
  • Smooth Project Management
    An experienced Crew Chief is on the job throughout your project. The owner, Jim Dorff, meets you at the start of the project and does the final walk-through with you.
  • Clean, Respectful, and On Time
    We clean up after our work every day, and perform a thorough final cleanup and haul-away upon completion.

We're not done until you say we're done.

Thank you for a beautiful new kitchen! Your crew did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be more pleased. The finish looks amazing, and Zach did a meticulous job on the installation. I really love it! Thanks!
Traci - West Chester, OH

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