Choosing Exterior Paint Colors Perfect for Homes in the West Chester - Liberty Township Area

You’ll want to balance several factors when choosing exterior paint colors. You might think exterior painting is necessary maintenance, but refreshing the outside is just as thrilling as decorating the inside of your home.

It's about pride of ownership, a safe and comfortable environment, stamped with your own style. We hope you love how it looks when you pull in the driveway or walk to get the mail. And that you get compliments from friends and neighbors. The results of an exterior paint job should wow you.

So how do you choose an exterior paint color scheme? Well, designers and paint manufacturers will give you a long checklist of considerations. But we want to focus on what we think are the top three.

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1) The size and desired presence of your home

Light exterior paint colors give your house a lighter feel - cheerful and welcoming - like it could rise from its foundation and stroll down the street. Your home stands out as larger and closer to the road than it is.

A dark color combo is heavier - grounded in stability and strength. It is quiet, reserved, and blends with the surrounding environment. Compare it to a steadfast and humble friend who doesn’t want to draw a lot of attention. Understand, though, that darker exterior paint colors will make a small house appear smaller yet.

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2) Marketable Curb Appeal

Our plans and goals in life unfold over time. For instance, you might plan to live in your home for years to come, with the goal of selling it after the kids move out or when you retire. But plans can change. And for this reason, we recommend factoring marketable curb appeal into your choice of exterior paint colors.

You've seen flamboyantly painted houses in bright pinks, loud teals, or lime greens. They may be beautiful to their owners, a happy reflection of their personalities. But they'll be tough to sell when the time comes.

Stay with timeless classics or trends. Traditional exterior paint colors increase your home's value. And they don't have to be boring. In truth, time-honored exterior paint color combinations will always be elegant and eye-catching. However, you can (and should) inject some individuality into your color scheme.

By the way, painting aluminum siding, vinyl siding, brick, limewash brick or stucco is doable with specialized preparation and equipment.

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3) Make it Your Own

We use the highest quality Sherwin-Williams exterior paint products along with meticulous preparation (review our exterior painting process). Therefore, your paint job will look great and last a long time. So it's important to choose colors you will still like several years from now. Be sure to consider the color of your roof when picking paint colors.

And to love the look of your home, it needs to reflect your personal style in a tasteful, charming way. To infuse some fun or flair without getting too flashy, focus on front doors and accents. When you sell your home, it's easy and inexpensive to change colors.

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Make Choosing Exterior Paint Colors Fun

Yes, you can drive through your neighborhood to see what colors other people are choosing. And yes, we can do color-matching if you love the color of your friend's or neighbor's house.

You could follow the latest trends. Sherwin-Williams 2020 color of the year is Naval - a dark, rich navy. They've chosen Urbane Bronze for 2021. Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated green for 2022. Earthy Redend Point is the soulful color of 2023. A breezy blue called Upward is favored in 2024.

Gray is a versatile and popular color choice too. Living in an HOA may limit your options. But you'll often get to choose a body color, trim or accent color, and a fascia/eaves color. There's plenty of room for creativity and the chance to reflect your personality.

Decide how you want others to perceive your home - light and cheerful, dark and enduring, or somewhere in between. Don't get too eccentric unless you are prepared to paint again before you sell. And, most importantly, stay true to what you like, not what designers, trends, and friends think your house should look like.

You'll live with your choice of exterior paint colors for years, so it's important to choose carefully. The results of a well-done exterior paint job should not only protect but also wow you every time you arrive home.

Let your home tell your story through its exterior colors. Contact us today to schedule a free painting estimate and let the transformation begin.

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